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In June, the average selling price for detached in Toronto was $1.76 million

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可能是包含下列内容的图片:‎上面的文字是“‎ץד MARKET TREND FOR CITY OF TORONTO JUN 2023 vs. JUN 2024 Average Price $1,705,120 Listings $1,751,519 Sales Detached Home Sales/NewL Listings Ratio: 40% (42% 744 May) Jun.23 Jun.24 Jun.23 AveragePrice Jun.24 $1.40B,550 Jun,23 ActiveListings Jun24 $1.282,973 Sales Semi-Detached Sales/New Listings Ratio: 51% (53% May) Jun23 Jun.24 AverageP Price $892.843 $692,432 Jun.23 Jun24 ActiveListings Sales Condo Townhouse Sales/New Listings Ratio: 40% (37% 169 May) ЛиT.2 Jun25 Average Jun.24 $770,423 J1.2 763,148 ActiveListings Jun24 Sales Condo Apartment Sales/New Listings Ratio: 27% (31%i May) Лa.2 Jun24 Data provided the Toronto Reglonal Estate Board 85O ***** Bay Stroct Group nc. Brokerage 2024‎”‎

In June, the average selling price for detached in Toronto was $1.76 million, marking a year-on-year decrease of 2%, and there was a 3.7% decrease compared to the previous month. Condo town and condo apart had average selling prices of $890k and $760k, respectively. The prices of townhouses and apartments have both decreased by around 1% compared to last year.

Sales of both detached and semi-detached houses saw a decrease of approximately 10% compared to May of this year. Sales ratios for various property types all hovered above 25%, with Semi-Detached reaching 51%.

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